Sachin Tendulkar Tests Positive For COVID, Planetary Dashas In Kundli Reveal The Reason

Today a few minutes back Sachin Tendulkar, the God of Cricket, has turned positive for Coronavirus and has gone in home isolation. We all wish him luck and a speedy recovery but what made him corona positive astrologically? Let’s analyse Sachin’s horoscope to know the answer to this question from our renowned astrologer Acharya Raman Ji.

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Kundli Analysis of Sachin Tendulkar

He is running the mahadasha of Jupiter and the Antara of Mercury. In his horoscope, Jupiter is placed in the star of the Moon and in the sub of Rahu. Mercury, the Antaradasha lord is in the star sub, sub-sub of Mercury itself. The star lord of Jupiter – the Moon is in conjunction with Rahu. As I have told in my previous blog about Coronavirus – people having the DBA of Rahu or Ketu are highly prone to acquire this disease. 

Mercury is in the 8th house of the horoscope and some or the other problems were bound to come to Sachin. Mercury and Rahu are in the sign of Jupiter along with the Moon. No wonder he got Corona in the Antara and Pratyantar of Mercury. He should be very careful even though he has a doctor at home 24/7 as his wife, which tells us how infectious this virus is in reality. 

The Pratyantara of Mercury will go till May and then he will be in the sway of Ketu Pratyantara in the Antara of Mercury. The point here is that he is going to have it again even if he recovers – this is what stars are telling. 

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The 8th house is in operation and thus there will danger to his health one way or the another. Since Mercury is in the star and sub of Mercury – it is a very strong significator of the 8th house and mercury is ruling houses 2-11, 2nd being the Maraka house for him. He is now running his 47th year of age and as per the horoscope, his lagna falls in the Ketu star and Rahu sub. 

We will listen about his health getting better in a few days but again getting deteriorated in the time to come. 

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